The residency programme The Best Is Yet to Come allowed four young artists to experience a profound journey within a limited time frame, and ensured that the expedition resulted in lasting impacts on their professional practices. The four artists-in-residence were Hong Kong-based artists Chan Ka Kiu and Wu Jiaru, and Wuhan-based artists He Rui and Sha Lina. They split their time between Hong Kong, where they took up residence, and its neighbouring cities, including Guangzhou and Shenzhen, visiting art organisations, institutes, and studios with experienced artist Huang Xiaopeng, who served as the residency moderator of the programme. Through the discussions they had with art practitioners and students, they examined the similarities and differences between the three cities. The programme also fostered exchanges between artists and art practitioners and strengthened the ties among the art communities in the Pearl River Delta region.
Not only did K11 Art Foundation organise a series of field trips and educational activities, but it also hosted an exhibition at chi art space in Central, Hong Kong, during the programme period. This exhibition enabled the four artists to reflect on their travel experiences. All the exhibits were records of their labour and cogitation, vehicles of their experiences. This exhibition was not meant to be the finale of the programme; the undertaking of a residency was merely an intermediate stop in an artist’s creative journey. When one leaves old habits behind and resumes the journey, one often sees an entirely different scene.