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Zhang Jian-Jun: Human Traces

Human Traces is conceived as a dynamic process. From Shanghai to Shenyang, and finally to Hong Kong, the vanishing of portraits, and subsequent addition of new ones, together with the subtle changes of the exhibition space, reflect the interaction between the artist, and the past and present of each location.

Calligraphy Rhapsody – Retrospective Exhibition of Georges Mathieu

Marking the centenary of the visionary painter Georges Mathieu (1921-2012), Calligraphy Rhapsody – Retrospective Exhibition of Georges Mathieu is co-presented with the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau.

Georges Mathieu was a true pioneer in multiple aspects: Against the tide of Geometrical Abstraction in post-war Paris, he was one of the first artists named as part of the Art Informel movement of gestural expression in art. He is considered the "father of Lyrical Abstraction", as his paintings in the 1940s began to give way to "total liberty to improvisation" in manners of all aesthetics. With his pursuit for speedy, improvised calligraphic gesture, he was a key instigator of performance art, sparking a new era of connection between the School of Paris artists and the emerging Abstract Expressionists in New York — for the first time, painting became pure spectacle.

© Comité Georges Mathieu / ADAGP, Paris - SACK, Seoul, 2021

KAF X Q Contemporary | Tracing the Fragments

The works selected in Tracing the Fragments explore the idea of timescapes, as well as document, discuss and trace the formation and interpretation of memories. Each work represents a piece of personal experience that can be interpreted as part of a broader collective memory with historical significance, forming mutual dialogues that enrich the understanding of each piece.

It is only through examining and piecing together scattered fragments that one is able to fill the void of multiple and layered perspectives and narratives – the process of mapping the hidden landscape of art. In this ever-changing global environment that we live in, the stability and accountability of memory and history are often challenged, and perhaps art offers an alternative and grounded perspective to understand our past, and opens the window to an answer to the future.

Disruptive Matter

Disruptive Matter explores and celebrates current groundbreaking transformations emerging globally in our shift towards a renewable, post-fossil world. The exhibition brings together for the first time a wide range of projects, products, artworks and ideas from the areas of design, engineering, art and industry-from pioneers truly pushing the boundaries in their fields. What is presented is a visionary future not just of possibility and speculation, but of actual actions and real, workable solutions. In so doing, the exhibition ultimately serves as a platform for the public to rethink about the state of the world around us, and how contemporary artists and designers can inspire and provide solutions to a more sustainable way of living.