KAF X Q Contemporary | Tracing the Fragments @ K11 Art & Cultural Centre


17.01.2021 – 10.03.2021


6F, K11 Art & Cultural Centre, K11 MUSEA


Q Contemporary

K11 Art Foundation is thrilled to partner with Q Contemporary to co-present Tracing the Fragments, a collaborative collection of prominent Central Eastern European and Chinese contemporary artworks. The works selected in Tracing the Fragments explore the idea of timescapes, as well as document, discuss and trace the formation and interpretation of memories. Each work represents a piece of personal experience that can be interpreted as part of a broader collective memory with historical significance, forming mutual dialogues that enrich the understanding of each piece.

It is only through examining and piecing together scattered fragments that one is able to fill the void of multiple and layered perspectives and narratives – the process of mapping the hidden landscape of art. In this ever-changing global environment that we live in, the stability and accountability of memory and history are often challenged, and perhaps art offers an alternative and grounded perspective to understand our past, and opens the window to an answer to the future.

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To further explore the meaning of future, the showcase extends with a standalone interactive work Demain est la question (“tomorrow is the question”) by Rirkrit Tiravanija at the Gold Ball in K11 MUSEA. Tiravanija emphasises interactions between people and their surroundings. The back-and-forth motion of ping-pong ball alludes to mutual communication between individuals, societies and cultures. By combining elements of visual art, culinary tradition, sport, performance and social interaction, the public is encouraged to be part of the art-making process, generating reciprocal conversations.

Click here for details about the interactive work.

To accompany the showcase, K11 Art Foundation and Q Contemporary will present a series of events, including guided tours and workshops. It is honoured to have invited renowned curator Wang Wei Wei to conduct an online panel in late February to discuss Central Eastern European art.

K11 Art Foundation and Q Contemporary have also co-curated a one-stop self-learning online resources centre. In addition to helping the general public better understand the historical background and context of Central Eastern European and Chinese contemporary art, the greater context also allows viewers to ponder the inner dialogues and interactions found between each piece.

The curated resources, from academic research to varied materials, allow visitors to learn beyond Tracing the Fragments. Visitors are encouraged to explore and discover cultural similarities and differences between Central Eastern European and Chinese art practices, deepening their understanding of both cultures.


Ilona Keserü, Birthday (Születésnap), 2005
Photo ©️ David Biró. Courtesy of Q Contemporary
Wang Gongxin, Unseatable, 1995
©️ the artist. Photo ©️ Maxim Hu. Courtesy of White Cube