Tianzhuo Chen’s solo exhibition


24.06.15 – 06.09.15


Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Co-produced by K11 Art Foundation and Palais de Tokyo (Paris), this exhibition is Tianzhuo Chen’s solo debut outside China, indeed a great achievement for the young artist. This is the second exhibition out of the three-year-collaboration between K11 Art Foundation and Palais de Tokyo after the well-received Inside China- L’Intérieur du Géant.

Both organisations share the same mission and vision in promoting young talents through world-tour exhibitions, artist residencies and educational programmes. Chen reveals his intimate thoughts towards moral attitudes and beliefs; often related to LGBT, hip-hop, the London rave scene, Japanese butoh, New York voguing and the fashion industry.

The courage and creativity to produce work which brings surprises to the audience is incredibly challenging, but Chen has an ambition to transport his profound philosophy to the audience through bright colours, disturbing scenes and emotional approaches, to explore the relationship between reality and spirituality.