Final selection of Artist-In-Residence Programme 2016 of K11 art village, Wuhan

The K11 Art Foundation (KAF) is pleased to announce the result of the Call for Entries for Artist-in-Residence Programme Selection in 2016: Nine artists including Cai Kai, He Rui, LK Studio, E-M, Lin Xin, Sha Lina, Wang Zhiyi, Yao Hai and Ye Zhicong were finally chosen. The Selection Committee of the Artist-in-Residence Programme is constituted of Prof. Wei Guangqing, Prof. Yuan Xiaofang, internationally acclaimed curator Ms. Janet Fong, and Mr. Khai Hori. The K11 art village will provide studios, as well as exhibition space and abundant resource for the nine chosen artists.

Since the Artist-in-Residence Programme commenced in the K11 art village in December 2011, it has become the base and an important exhibition platform for many local and international artists. In the meantime, it also serves as a platform for artist exchange programme collaborated with various international art institutions.

The K11 art village is established with the aim to nurture young artists by providing a platform and means for them to create art. This is achieved through the Artist-in-Residence Programme, which invites those with passion and a creative, unique thinking to our artist studios. The participants are able to cultivate their artistic accomplishments through our resources and networks and the programme facilitates further support by bringing the artists’ works to the nationwide and international stage.

Open art activities and exhibitions for the artists-in-residence as well as features works of renowned artists are being hosted in our art spaces in the K11 art village to bring art into the community. We hope to render art accessible, approachable so that they would be able to enrich people’s lives to realise the harmonious beauty of art, people and nature.