Collaborated Project:
Emerald City

Mountain River Jump! is an artist duo founded by identical twin sisters Huang Shan and Huang He, who were born in 1985. The two collaborate as a group while working independently on their own solo projects. They are fearless in discussing subjects that can only be talked about behind closed doors, such as samsara, astrology, card divination, ghost stories, and mythology. They have broad interests in the ancient and the modern, and attempt to apply ‘cultural psychoanalysis’, at both the linguistic and visual levels, to their study of the reality of the present. They also examine mainstream and official discourses through their research of folklore. Their artistic practices cover a range of formats, including static visual works, moving images, sound, lectures, workshops, and divination behaviours.


Recent projects of Mountain River Jump! were presented at Idealism in the East at West Bund Art & Design, Shanghai (2017); Crossing Border | Border Crossing—International Festival of Intermedia at Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong (2017); and REALITY CHECK at SLEEPCENTER, New York (2017).


Photo: Courtesy of NONO