• Upcoming / London

    Zhang Ding: Enter the Dragon

    This autumn the ICA, London, will collaborate with K11 Art Foundation, to present the first solo UK institutional exhibition of Chinese artist Zhang Ding, entitled Enter the Dragon. The exhibition will consist of an installation that directly references the final scene from the seminal Bruce Lee film Enter the Dragon (1973)....
  • Current / Paris

    Tianzhuo Chen Solo Exhibition

    Co-produced by K11 Art Foundation and Palais de Tokyo (Paris), this exhibition is Tianzhuo Chen’s solo debut outside China, indeed a great achievement for the young artist. This is the second exhibition out of the three-year-collaboration between K11 Art Foundation and Palais de Tokyo after the well-received “Inside China- L’Intérieur...
  • Past / Shanghai

    Inside China (Shanghai Station)

    K11 Art Foundation (KAF) and Palais de Tokyo (Paris), in their first co-produced exhibition, are proud to present “Inside China:L’Intérieur du Géant” in Shanghai this August. The exhibition, which was well-received during Art Basel in Hong Kong, will be held in Shanghai at chi K11 art museum, located on B3,...

Adrian Cheng

About the Chairman

Adrian Cheng is the art pioneer who founded the K11 Art Foundation (“KAF”), a non-profit art foundation in China to incubate young contemporary artists and to promote public art education. By providing young emerging artists with a local, regional and international platform to gain greater public awareness, Adrian is the new generation to represent the contemporary Chinese art scene...



  • Inside China – L’Intérieur du Geant (Hong Kong Station)

  • Inside China – L’Intérieur du Geant