• Upcoming / New York

    Partnership with New Museum to Establish Residency for Cheng Ran

    The New Museum and the K11 Art Foudaion (KAF) announced a new partnership to support a residency and exhibition program for young Chinese artists. One of the most dynamic art institutions at work in Greater China today, KAF has, since 2010, supported a series of artist residencies in China and...
  • Current / HongKong

    As Far As Near

    As Far As Near is a project launched by the K11 Art Foundation (KAF) to further support the emerging artists and curators of Hong Kong.  The project consists of 4 consecutive and individually themed exhibitions in relations to its title, which will be on view successively at the chi art...
  • Current / HongKong

    The Inferno

    K11 Art Foundation (KAF) presents The Inferno, a solo exhibition by local artist AMA. The Inferno is an allegory of AMA’s spiritual journey through the darkness. Through paintings, poetry and music, AMA confronted past traumas, tribulations and her excruciating battle with alcoholism. The exhibition is a metaphoric dark forest that...

Adrian Cheng

About the Chairman

Adrian Cheng is the art pioneer who founded the K11 Art Foundation (“KAF”), a non-profit art foundation in China to incubate young contemporary artists and to promote public art education. By providing young emerging artists with a local, regional and international platform to gain greater public awareness, Adrian is the new generation to represent the contemporary Chinese art scene...



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