K11 art village (Wuhan)

K11 art village is a two-story tall building located in Changqing Garden Community, Wuhan, which was inaugurated in 2011. Encompassing 11 studios dedicated to the Artist-in-Residence programme, a 1000 square-metre art exhibition hall and a 300-square-metre multi-functional space, the innovative platform seeks to nurture emerging art practitioners.

A pillar of the K11 Art Foundation (KAF) is the annual programme of the K11 art village, which seeks to nurture young artists and enrich the practices of emerging voices in China, fostering research for artistic creation. An important platform of KAF is the Artist-in-Residence Programme, where participating artists are encouraged to enhance and impact the local environment and communities bordering the K11 art village, with KAF presenting artist workshops, exhibitions and creative happenings.

As a whole the thoughtful initiatives offer the greater public a diverse range of programmes to cultivate audience appreciation of art and culture in Greater China.