Second Nature: A Contemporary Art Exhibition of Your Own is the first art exhibition presented at chi art space in Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong. Curated by Janet Fong, who splits her time between Hong Kong and Beijing, the exhibition brought together works by 14 artists, all of which revealed some truth about the development of human civilisation. Borrowing from American philosopher John Mcdowell’s conceptualisation of a ‘second nature’ in human beings, the exhibition placed emphasis on the fact that artists are autonomous individuals who can choose to base their explorations of humans’ inner existence and relationship with the external world on their own lived experiences other than their human intuitions. The exhibits, which spanned a wide range of art forms, encouraged viewers to use their senses to perceive the world as perceived by the participating artist and reflect upon the nature of man – the rumination of our history, our past, and our hope for the future is built upon this shared nature, regardless of nationality and ethnicity.