Date:30.09.2016 – 30.10.2016
Venue:chi art space, 8/F, New World Tower 2, 18 Queen's Road Central Hong Kong

Technologies advance every year and have changed the way how people perceive the world and how we redefine art. The K11 Art Foundation (KAF) presents X+Y: Duo Solo Exhibition of Phoebe Hui and Tung Wing Hong from 30th September to 30th October, 2016. Curated by Jeff Leung Chin Fung, X+Y is the third exhibition of the series As Far As Near organised by KAF. The exhibition presents two artworks by cross-media artists Phoebe Hui and Tung Wing Hong. They use different medium and place them with various mechanical equipments, meant for exploring how technology affects our perception of the world and ourselves.

Phoebe Hui is inspired by the popular “harmonograph” in the late 19th century, a device that can draw beautiful geometric patterns to depict the scientific theories in music. Tung Wing Hong explores the relationship between viewpoints and space. His video installation, custom-made for the chi art space, includes various montages of video footages and endless cycle of mechanical movement, featuring an ambivalent experience to the audience.

Jo Leung, a local dancer, was invited to perform a contemporary dance at the opening ceremony on 29th September (Thursday). Her refreshing performance is designed to resonate with the theme of this exhibition.