Meeting place:St. Barts, G/F, 663 Clear Water Bay Road, Hong Kong
Tutors:Maoshan, Eddie Cheung

Trees are everywhere in our city – we see them at grass verges by the side of highways, at carefully designed public open spaces, in country parks on the periphery of populated areas, and sometimes on balconies of tower blocks. They grow silently, nurturing lives and providing shelters for animals inhabiting the city. Children who join this workshop will act as ‘tree detectives’ along with illustrator Maoshan and art critic Eddie Cheung – together they will investigate the old trees and saplings surrounding chi art space in Clear Water Bay, learning about the rich diversity of life in nature. The young detectives will work collaboratively to create a picture book that documents the natural wonders they observe in the area through drawing and poetry writing. At the end of the workshop, everyone will get a copy of the book to take home and keep.

This workshop is one of the public educational programmes accompanying the exhibition The Garden. It will be conducted in Cantonese.


Age of participants:

Children aged between 4 to 12 (must be accompanied by a parent or guardian)



Children and parents who wish to join the workshop should email their name, age, and phone number to us at


About Maoshan:

Maoshan graduated from the University of Cambridge with a major in Children’s Literature. She sees herself as a full-time detective – by collecting pictures printed in old newspapers, she reconstructs the history of Hong Kong. When she is not occupied with work, she spends her time in narrow streets or old alleys, or at the seaside, writing stories and drawing pictures.


About Eddie Cheung:

Eddie Cheung obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Chinese from Lingnan University in 2006 and Master of Arts in Visual Culture Studies from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2009. He concerns himself with the relationship between contemporary art exhibition and artwork, as well as the problems arising from it. His works allow for a broader scope of interpretation in the discussion of exhibition. Arts criticism is currently the focus of the professional practice of Cheung, who is also an artist and a curator. He received The Award for Young Artist (Arts Criticism) of Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2016 from Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2017.