Date:03.11.2017 – 18.12.2017
Time:10am – 7pm
Venue:chi art space, 8/F, 18 Queen’s Road Central, New World Tower 2, Central, Hong Kong

For artists, short-term residency, regardless of its nature, is a challenge. Old habits die hard, and artists tend to follow certain behavioural patterns when travelling to a new place. The brief visit, as a result, brings about nothing but fleeting impressions. Presented by the K11 Art Foundation, The Best Is Yet to Come is a Hong Kong-based residency programme that seeks to turn the challenge into an opportunity. The programme allows young artists to experience a profound journey within a limited time frame; it ensures that the expedition results in lasting impacts on their professional practices. The young artists participating in this programme are Chan Ka Kiu, He Rui, Sha Lina, and Wu Jiaru. Together with veteran artist Huang Xiaopeng, they visit numerous art organisations and institutes in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, engaging in conversations with art practitioners and students. Through these discussions, they examine the similarities and differences between the three cities, and explore what the ‘best’ means from socio-cultural and economic perspectives. It is expected that the programme—which also aims at fostering exchanges between artists and art practitioners from Hong Kong and their counterparts from mainland China—could strengthen the ties among the art communities in the Pearl River Delta region.

The Best Is Yet to Come involves not only a series of field trips and educational activities but also an exhibition, which is presented at chi art space in Central. This exhibition enables the four artists to reflect on their travel experiences. All the exhibits are records of their labour and cogitation, vehicles of their experiences. As viewers step into the exhibition space, it is as though they are partaking in the expedition themselves. This exhibition is not meant to be the finale of the programme; the undertaking of a residency is merely an intermediate stop in an artist’s creative journey. As one leaves old habits behind and resumes the journey, one often sees an entirely different scene.

Opening Reception:
02.11.2017 (6–8pm)


Exhibition Happenings:

Play It Loud
15.11.2017 (6:30pm–7:30 pm)
Artist He Rui was fascinated by the old, high-density buildings in Yau Ma Tei, where he stayed during his residence in Hong Kong. He spent his days in narrow streets and alleys, counting the number of floors of the buildings he saw. With the set of data collected, he composed a musical score. The piece will be performed at chi art space, communicating to visitors the unique characteristics of the crowded district. After the performance, He Rui will talk about his experience living in Yau Ma Tei and the concepts behind his work.