Date:27/11/2013 – 7/1/2014
Time:10am - 10pm
Venue:chi K11 art space, B3, Shanghai K11 Art Mall

In “Towering Something,” Kaneuji gathers icons of modern culture and everyday objects — hula hoops, shopping carts, plastic dinosaurs, Doraemon — and assembles them into sculptural and cut-paper collages, resulting in Frankenstein sculptures that explore a separation of purpose and form. “White discharge”, or plastic resin, is poured over the mass of objects and drips down to cover some pieces entirely; the resin is hardened into stalactites, and settled on the ground. Instead of filling a mold, the resin acts as a shell in this installation, indicating a monstrous confrontation and embracement of the ambiguity and meaninglessness of the art piece.