Date:08/11/2014 – 05/01/2015
Venue:K11 art space (B207)
Organizer:K11 Art Foundation
Collaborator:OPIOM Gallery
Artists: JeeYoung Lee

Since 2007 artist JeeYoung Lee has been shooting the invisible, capturing intangible excerpts of her emotions, her memories and her dreams in whimsical, theatrical manifestations. In Stage of Mind, Lee conjures up a series of ethereal narrative space that houses the tangible materialisation of her imagination, which she photographs as a testament to their reality. The symbolic objects and spectacular displays – meticulously and painstakingly fabricated with weeks and sometimes months of efforts – are used to reenact the scenes of Lee’s life in a metaphorical way. Excluding any ulterior photographic alteration, Lee’s theatrical displays visualise an authentic inner world where unique feelings and experience take centre stage and refuse judgment.