On view at tram shelters:2-29 March, 2015
Locations:Central, Fortress Hill, North Point, Taikoo
On view at K11 Art Mall:9-17 March, 2015
Location:K11 Art Mall Tsim Sha Tsui
Co-present:K11 Art Foundation, Andrea Rosen Gallery
Artist:Felix Gonzalez-Torres

On the occasion of Art Basel Hong Kong, K11 Art Foundation in partnership with Andrea Rosen Gallery presented an iconic Felix Gonzalez-Torres billboard work, Untitled, 1995. The work was exhibited at K11 Art Mall, in tram shelters and transportation hubs throughout the city, and at the gallery’s booth at Art Basel Hong Kong. Gonzalez-Torres’s work was exhibited in dozens of one-person museum survey exhibitions and was in the permanent collections of over 40 institutions worldwide. This presentation marked a historically significant moment as it is the first time Gonzalez-Torres’s work was being shown in Hong Kong and only the second time in China. By placing the billboard artwork enigmatically free of logos or advertising in a space used for commerce, the boundary between personal contemplation and public address becomes distinctly blurred.