Date:9/5/2014 - 6/7/2014
Venue:K11 Piazza, K11 Atrium, K11 art space (B207) & K11 Showcases
Co-organizers:Art Nova 100, Chinese Contemporary Art Promotion Centre (CCAP), K11 Art Foundation
Academic Director:Zhao Li
Curators:Gary Mok, Isaac Han, K11 Art Foundation

Art Nova 100 Hong Kong Station

Chinese Contemporary Art Promotion Centre (CCAP) proudly presents with K11 Art Foundation and Art Nova 100 Committee, the event of “Art Nova 100 Hong Kong Station”, thankfully with the full support and sponsorship by K11. The “New Faces New Works” is the theme of this Hong Kong station tour in which over 60 young Asian artists taking part in, with nearly 70 selected artworks exhibited in K11. During this Art Nova 100, there will be talks and workshops, to be hosted by leading collector, curator and artists, with an objective that the general public and art enthusiasts shall gain insight on art appreciation and understanding, through direct interaction with artists. Last but not least, this art event does show great strength of arts and cultural development in Hong Kong.