Movement/ Voyage: When the Reality Representation of Emerging Artist Converge in Hong Kong

Co-organized by CAFA Art Museum and K11 Art Foundation

18 years on from Hong Kong’s reunification with China and under “One Country, Two Systems”, the sense of dissociation and distance between the Special Administrative Region and the Mainland continues to increase. The CAFAM Future exhibition series seeks to investigate the cultural production of China in its entirety, including the regions of Hong Kong and Taiwan. Addressing continued progressions in China, the exhibition documents the contemporary art scene of the nation. One that is moving towards a dominating curatorial course, and the effects this has for art makers.

The exhibition was originally shown in Beijing in January 2015, in its second reiteration to be launched in Hong Kong, CAFAM Future responds to the specificities of location, pursuing an exploration of the cultural differences that lie between the city and the Mainland. Of the 95 artists’ works shown in Beijing, the pieces by 33 artists were exhibited in Hong Kong, in pursuance to the directions of leading Chinese institutions.

Themed around OBSERVER – CREATOR, CAFAM Future features the works of an emerging generation of artists and the development of new art forms.

Produced in a breadth of mediums including; painting, installation, video, mixed media and more, the interdisplinary practices involve critical themes such as lighting, religion and philosophy. Each youthful artistic voice intensifies and reveals the profundity of culture in China.