12 Mar, 2014

“I’ve come from Hangzhou and arrived today morning. Now I have to wait more than 3 hours. But it’s worth it! “Says Wen Yue. On the first show day at noon were still 800 people in line. For security reasons, the number of visitors is limited to 3,000 per day. The organizers expect a total of 300,000 visitors. For three months, the Monet exhibition at the “K 11 Art Mall” is to see an artistically designed shopping center located in central Shanghai with numerous fashion boutiques, restaurants and cafes.

“We wanted to bring the painting to the people and K 11 is located in the heart of the city. And we wanted to reach people who do not normally go to the museum, “said Marianne Mathieu, vice-director of the Paris Marmottan Museum. The private museum has borrowed half of its Monet to China.

40 images of French Impressionist Claude Monet (1840 – 1926) are on display, including paintings from his famous “Water Lilies” series. The works show the artistic development of Monet, of the cartoons from his childhood and early realistic works of known Impressionist works from his middle period to the water lily paintings from his later life as an artist.

“It’s a completely different feeling compared to the Monet prints that I have seen so far. This subtle, delicate and yet powerful expression of colors in his paintings! I’m overwhelmed, “enthuses Lin Zhongli. The Monet exhibition will take place on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France and to 15 June to visit in Shanghai.

Source: http://www.art-scene.tv/de/news/newsdetail/datum/2014/03/12/monet-in-shanghai.html\