11 Mar, 2014
French.China.org.cn, by Yann 

The largest exhibition dedicated to French impressionist painter Claude Monet ever held in China opened the last weekend in Shanghai.

Entitled “The master of Impressionism – Claude Monet” exhibition, which was organized as part of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-French diplomatic relations, will be held from March 8 to June 15 in Shanghai K11 Art Mall.

Fifty-five works, including 40 paintings by Claude Monet, are presented in this exhibition is divided into five parts, namely friends Monet, Monet cartoons, travel Monet, Monet’s garden and the last years Monet.

More than 6,000 visitors came to see during the last weekend the works of Claude Monet, including some Lilies.

Twelve tables, which were made by his friends and kept by Claude Monet, Claude Monet reading including Pierre-Auguste Renoir, are also exposed in “the objective of presenting to the public a real Monet and living,” said Ms. Sylvie Bermann, Ambassador of France in China, during the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

Objects used to the painter, like his glasses, a pipe and a palette to create works of art are also on display in Shanghai.

All works exhibited at the K11 Art Mall were loaned by the Marmottan Museum in Paris, which also retains Impression, Sunrise, painted in 1872 by Claude Monet painting that gave its name to the Impressionist movement.

Recognized as one of the founders of Impressionism and the most consistent of the Impressionists painters, Claude Monet (1840-1926) leaves considerable work both by the amount (more than 2000 works), by his Impressionist research.

“I only have the merit of having painted directly in front of nature, trying to make my impressions of the most fleeting effects, and I am sorry to have been the cause of the name given to a group whose most had nothing impressionist, “wrote the master of Impressionism shortly before his death.

The property of Claude Monet in Giverny (northern France) is now a public museum. It is managed and maintained by the Claude Monet Foundation.

Source: http://french.china.org.cn/china/txt/2014-03/11/content_31747775.htm