Submission Method:

  1. Upload your Video(s) to your personal Instagram account (which must be set as public) and hashtag #1secff; OR
  2. Upload your Video(s) to Weibo and tag @一秒电影节; OR
  3. Email your Video(s) to or


Entrants must include the following details in the Instagram/Weibo post or email body:

  • Video title / Video Description / Year
  • Short biography of the Entrant
  • Entrant’s contact and portrait
  • Film poster or still (in .jpg format), or any related information if applicable

Remark: If you wish to submit your Video(s) via email, please put “#1secff_Entrant’s name_Film Title” as the email subject, and provide the Video(s) in the form of email attachment or state the download link(s).


Terms and Conditions:

  1. The length of the film must be within 3 seconds, excluding opening titles and closing credits.
  2. There is no restriction to Entrant’s age and nationality.
  3. All types of non-commercial video (including but not limited to fiction, animation, documentary, experimental) are welcome.
  4. An Entrant can be an individual or a group. Each Entrant can submit up to 5 Videos. Extra entries will not be processed.
  5. For email submissions, all Videos must be in .mov or .mp4 format. There is no restriction on the image ratio and image quality.
  6. Submission is free of charge.
  7. Videos are not to be withdrawn once submission is done.
  8. All Entrants must be the sole and exclusive owner of the copyright of the Video(s). Where there is more than one Entrant to a Video, all of the Entrants must be exclusive owners of the copyright of the Video. Videos should not infringe any rights of any third party. In case of any disputes concerning the copyright of the film content, the Entrants are responsible in full and absolutely for all consequences.
  9. All Videos will not be returned. Please make necessary copies before submission.
  10. Submission to One Second Film Festival implies acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. The English text of the Terms and Conditions is the authentic and binding version. The Organisers have the sole and final decision in relation to issues which have not been covered in the Terms and Conditions of One Second Film Festival. The Organisers reserve the right to revise the Terms and Conditions at any time.
  11. The decisions of the Organisers of One Second Film Festival shall be final and conclusive.
  12. For Videos shortlisted in One Second Film Festival, the Organisers have the right to:
    1. use segments of them or their entirety for promotion purposes in any and all media; and
    2. arrange non-commercial presentation of them in One Second Film Festival-related exhibitions or events within a year after they are shortlisted, provided that the Organisers shall duly notify the Entrants of the same.
  13. The Organisers reserve the final decision on presentation arrangement.
  14. Unless the Entrant objects in writing, the Organisers has the perpetual right to keep one copy of each Video for exhibition, educational, archival and research purposes.