Zhou Hang (b. 1986, Hubei Wuhan, China) graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts.

Zhou’s works are recently presented in exhibitions, which include Imagination Unlimited – Young Artists Programme (Beijing World Art Museum), Saturday draw Tan (chi K11 art space, Wuhan), We! – 94-13 Song Zhuang 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition (Songzhuang Art Center, Beijing), 115 Artist’s Self Portrait (Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing) and New Standings Young – Fifty-four Young Artists Group Exhibition (Tahiti, Hangzhou, 2013), Line Microblogging (Songzhuang Art Center, Beijing) and Young Artists Programme (The Place, Beijing, 2012), 80s Song Zhuang Art File (Beijing) and On the History of a New Generation of International Museums (Beijing, 2011).

Zhou’s articles are frequently published in journals, including the Yearbook of Chinese Contemporary Art, Investment Times, Contemporary Youth, Chinese Young Artist and Art+ magazine. His works are also widely collected by local and international corporations, as well as private collectors.