Zheng Qian

Collaborated Project:

Zheng Qian's solo exhibition

Zheng Qian (b.1978, Hubei Wangshi, China) graduated from the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in 2005. He later became a lecturer of at the School of Arts and Media at Wuhan Polytechnic University.

Zheng’s works have been presented in numerous exhibitions, including Disordered Aesthetics – K11 art village Exhibition (K11 art village, Wuhan, 2013), Micro Art: Wuhan Art Shopping Season (Fine Arts Literature Art Centre, Wuhan, 2012), Aggressive – 2011 Hubei Contemporary Artists (Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Wuhan, 2011), 1+1 Hubei Contemporary Art Works Exhibition and Multiple Exchanges Contemporary Art Works Exhibition (Wuhan, 2010), Green Art Fair (Beijing), Open Art Fair 2009 and Stock Picks 2009 (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Gemeinsam in Bewegung – Contemporary German and Chinese Art Fair (Wuhan) and The 5th Cultural and Arts Festival of Songzhuang China (Beijing, 2009).