Ye Linhan

Ye Linghan (b. 1985) is a leading artist among China’s youth in the area of hand-drawn animation and videography. His works focus on time, space, objects, daily life, chance, and societal issues such as capital, modernity, scenery, symbols, etc. He emphasizes elements such as narratives, structure, rhythm, images, and music. Therefore, his artwork contains uniquely individualized thoughts and methods of expression. Both his animation language and videography language continue to explore time and the potential for videos with the images and modern technological expansion. He began his exploration in the dimension of hand drawn works and technology, double processing images from imagination and reality. The fragmented images in his work not only examine and reflect contemporary information and reading models, they also construct the overall logic of the narrative, ensuring effective communication. He also makes connections between globalization and China through metaphors and establishes the circumstances that a generation of young people face — the same circumstances from which the artist draws reference. His work has been featured in the Holland Animation Film Festival, Tampere Film Festival and many other international film festivals. His work has also been exhibited in museums including the Minsheng Art Museum and Today Art Museum.