Xiao Ke × Zi Han

Xiao Ke, Performance artist
She has been pioneering the road for performance art as physical art and contemporary social theater about the reality in today’s China and the artistic forms are various, no longer limited within the theater. She won ZKB Award in Zurich Theater Spektakel in 2006.

Zhou Zi Han, Performance / Audiovisual artist
He keeps moving forward engaging in comprehensive visual art and live music for theater performance. His works includes photography, video, contemporary art and sound.
The collaborative works between Xiao Ke and Zi Han involve photography, video, live art and installation that focus on personal body exploring the extreme of expression under the public context in China. By restoring the artists’ ideas back into life, their collaboration is to fulfill the life process of the idea itself that what comes from life vanishes into life. Their works have been invited and shown in different art, dance festivals and theaters in Europe and Asia. They toured nearly 20 countries in different cities and built up communication network to introduce China’s independent theater art.