Born in 1982 and a graduate from Contemporary Video of the China Acdemy of Art. Currently lives and works in Shanghai. Skillfully using text, images, and videos as my principal creative media, I am engaged in the exploration and practice of the [still and moving] image [yingxiang]. My recent works have been concerned with the “order” within time and space, aspiring to explore the perceptible but indescribable “inner order” hidden in the world — perhaps the only fulcrum that can move the world. Through the selection of symbolic objects, I detach the implicit associations from the elements themselves and endows them with a deeper level of meaning. With a cold, symbolic visual language, I fuse concepts within the visual medium; the image surface that is both independently created and at the same time connected organically manifests a poetic and symphonic polyphonous effect through the display of different forms, creating a distinctive context and system in relation to the material world. I hope viewers will be able to experience, in my works, the material essence of this world we live in.“The form as well as the transformation and development of all things in the world contain a certain order. The reason God doesn’t play dice is because ‘the throw of a dice abolishes chance.’“The Pythagoreans believed that numbers are the origins of the world, that the essence of things is determined by certain numerical relations, and that all things in the world form a harmonious order based on certain numerical ratios. This problem and phenomenon are imbued with aesthetics and intuition — not only do they manifest the geometric laws within the golden section ratio and Pythagoras’ theorem, but they appear equally in Kantian philosophy. In a world made up of matter and phenomena, how does matter become entities that we perceive with our senses and yet exist as a part of phenomena? Does matter truly exist? What is our understanding of the nature of the phenomenal world? “The dignity of movement of an iceberg is due to only one-eighth of it being above water.” I would like to explore the inner order lurking underneath matter and phenomena — which is itself an indescribable beauty.