Tang Dixin

Tang Dixin works with various media such as painting, performance art and installation art, which are concerned with ironical social commentary. He often engages in extreme behavior and provocative acts. Instead of solely challenging endurance of an individual, he is more concerned with public motivation and engagement and thus exposes the core of various crisis and upheavals in the Chinese society. He has recently involved in a series of works that show different levels of purposelessness, which keep reminding us of the absurdity and futility of our routine courses. His paintings are filled with radical and extreme tensions, bringing alive the same sense of restlessness and wildness that inform his performances. His paintings, through his surreal imagery, evoke situations that lie between the realms of possibility and impossibility and probably constitute a different platform for the artist to stage “fictional performances” that challenge the laws of physics. His performance art and paintings mirror each other – though the two are diametrically opposed, they rely on and refer to each other. The artist’s physical body is what links the two halves – a concrete form imbued with abstraction.

Born in 1982 in Hangzhou, China, Tang Dixin graduated from Shanghai Normal University and now lives and works in Shanghai. His recent solo exhibitions include Dog Bark” (Ota Fine Arts, Singapore, 2015), Mr. Hungry (AIKE-DELLARCO, Shanghai, China, 2014), Tang Dixin (Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo, Japan, 2014). His recent group exhibitions include: My House Is Your House (SPSI Art Museum, Shanghai, China, 2015), Jing Shen – The act of painting in contemporary China (PAC Museum of Contemporary Art, Milan, Italy, 2015), 10th Gwangju Biennale (Gwangju, South Korea, 2014), Rendering (AIKE-DELLARCO, Shanghai, China, 2013), ON|OFF China’s Young Artists in Concept and Practice (Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China, 2013).