Sinae Yoo is a Korean artist based in Seoul. In the past few years, using a wide array of media, she has explored themes of alienation and servitude under the yoke of capitalism. Taking her cues from the visual culture of advertising and video games, the artist conjures an aesthetic of seduction that grinds the souls it ensnares within its virtual net.

Sinae Yoo has exhibited at Kunsthalle Bern, Kunsthaus Centre d’art Pasquart Biel, and The Gallery Apart in Rome above and beyond.

In 2016, she was awarded the Aeschliman Corti Award, which is known as the largest private art prize in the Canton of Bern. Her first solo exhibition took place at the Kunsthaus Langenthal in the same year. In 2017, she received a commission from Kanton Bern and her work became part of the Seoul Museum of Art Collections. In 2018, her video work was displayed at the East End Film Festival in London and the Swiss Art Award in Basel. In 2019, she received the national grants from the Arts Council Korea and opened her solo exhibition at the Center For Contemporary Art Futura in Prague. Upcoming projects include the commission from Shenzhen Pingshan International Sculpture Exhibition and solo exhibition at Phoinix in Bratislava.