Qian Jiahua

Born in Shanghai, China in 1987, Qin Jiahua graduated from China Academy of Art in 2011.

Her solo exhibition include Qian Jiahua: Free Diffusion (Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, 2014), Qian Jiahua: Not Every Second Counts (MACASA ART Project, Shanghai, 2014), Qian Jiahua: Infinite Divisibility (Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, 2013).

Her group exhibitions include Editing The Spectacle (Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, 2015), The boundaries of order (Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing), Abstract 01 (L-Art, Gallery, Chengdu, 2014), Break·Set up/New transform of the painting (Long Museum, Shanghai), Under the Rainbow: Exhibition of Three Young Artist (AYE Gallery, Beijing), Up-Youth: China Young Artist Exhibition 2014 (Time Art Museum, Beijing), The From without From: Exhibition of Contemporary Abstract Art in China (St Urban Contemporary Art Museum, Switzerland, 2013), Composition Wandering – Grand Views from Small Images: Chinese Contemporary Small Artworks Collection Project 2013 Winter (L-Art, Gallery, Chengdu).