Peter Halley

Collaborated Project:

Emerald City

Peter Halley was born in New York in 1953 and is currently living and working in New York.

Halley graduated from Yale University in 1975 and received his MFA from University of New Orleans in 1978.  Returning to New York in 1980, he began to make paintings that employed the language of geometric abstraction to examine the role of geometry as a technique for social control in the built environment. His work and that of his colleagues was given the tongue-in-cheek title Neo-Geo. During the 1980s, Halley, influenced by French Post-Structuralist thinkers such as Jean Baudrillard, Guy Débord, and Michel Foucault, also published essays on social space in an increasingly technological society. In the years since, Halley has continued to employ the same concise visual lexicon, allowing his work to evolve within these tightly controlled syntactical limits.

Halley has exhibited widely around the world. One-person shows of his work were recently held in the United States at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art (2015); and in Europe at Schrin Kunsthalle Frankfurt (2016) and Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain de Saint-Étienne Métropole.

Photo by: Roxanne Lowit