Collaborated Project:


Permanenze is formed by Perry, Mandy and Alize. In 2011, Alize and Mandy met in a local fashion design company. Due to limited resources on the visual merchandising production, they explore the possibility of hand-made projects. In 2012, they decided to join the YMCA Book Fair as a team, hoping to share all the little ideas by publishing an upcycling hand-made calendar “2013”.

During the YMCA Book Fair, they meet Perry, who has common concept on design and hand-made with them. The trio hit it off and formed a creative team called “Permanenze”, named after the 3 members with the meaning of eternal and cycle. They develop the up-cycling concept of environmental protection, and aimed to “give old things a second life”.

Permanenze cherishes the Earth while not sacrificing quality and creativity. They have maintained their aesthetics and practicality, to avoid wearing the green flag but creating more even waste unconsciously. Permanenze currently focuses on developing environmental-friendly instruments, such as the ukulele and kazoo. Hoping to practice Permanenze real purpose “Crafts for Happiness”, for themselves and others.