Nik Kosmas

Collaborated Project:

Emerald City

Nik Kosmas was born in Minneapolis in 1985 and is currently living and working in Berlin.

Kosmas, formerly a member of the artist collective AIDS-3D, which he founded with Daniel Keller in 2006, has recently devoted himself to fitness, the business of tea, fashion and furniture design, and writing. His practice has reoriented itself towards activities and languages that are more relevant to daily life, his works becoming more ordinary but more realistic. His latest works are hybrid, multi-coloured structures that—like pieces of aestheticised exercise equipment, or stall bars, to be exact—occupy the intersection between art and the everyday. Usable and highly versatile, these structures are to be activated by the intuition and creativity of users, who are free to explore ways in which to interact with them. Blending his wide-ranging interests into his art, Kosmas has become a mediator between disciplines, a designer who unleashes the transformative social potential of objects and structures.

Photo by Alex DeBrabant