Mister Cartoon

Collaborated Project:

City As Studio | Exhibition

Mister Cartoon (b. 1969, Los Angeles, California, U.S.) was raised in the harbor area of Los Angeles and graduated high school in San Pedro in 1988. Mister Cartoon’s expressive style of art is universally recognized and embodies the true soul of Los Angeles street culture. Beginning his career as a graffiti artist in the 1980s, he gained notoriety for his album cover designs, logos, advertisements, custom lowrider car murals and his one-of-a-kind tattoos.

Mister Cartoon’s richly detailed, hand-rendered designs are inspired by the style of tattoos that originated in the streets of 1970s Los Angeles—fine line Chicano black and grey custom tattoo art. Mister Cartoon took this style of tattooing and brought it into mainstream culture. He is known as a pioneer in the tattoo world as one of the first artists to get global notoriety by tattooing celebrities, athletes, musicians and actors alike.

Mister Cartoon, Coney Art Walls, Brooklyn, NY, 2016. Photo © Martha.