John Campbell & Rebecca Caines

John Campbell (b.1973) comes to the field of interdisciplinary arts practice from a background in professional software architecture, network engineering and web integration. His previous work ranged from designing computer vision systems to designing and managing national academic network infrastructure. More recently, he has been involved in local, national and international creative technologies projects, which has brought his professional experience into an artistic context. Campbell is interested in working with new devices and technological concepts that blur the boundaries between computer programming and artistic expression in order to emphasize the inherent creativity of technological design.

Dr. Rebecca Caines (b.1977) is an award-winning interdisciplinary artist and scholar. Her work crosses between creative technologies (including sound art, new media, and augmentation), contemporary performance and improvisation, site-specific art practices and socially-engaged art. She is playing a lead role in developing the new Creative Technologies area at the University of Regina with Fine Arts, Computer Science, and Engineering. She is co-applicant on the 2.5 million dollar SSHRC partnership The International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation, directing the Regina IICSI site, the Regina Improvisation Studies Centre (RISC) and has created large-scale community-engaged projects in Australia, Northern Ireland, Canada, and the Netherlands.