“Most of the inspiration for my work comes from the present reality in China. At this moment in history, China, the most populous nation in the globe, is going through immense changes. From this incredible transformation so many absurd, terrible and amazing stories emerge everyday, and these stories become inspiration for my work. However, while I am influenced by particular stories and situations that take place in China, I believe the underlying elements that motivate people’s behaviour are universal. The impossibility of satisfying desire, the drive to power, the inherent contradictions in life, are all seemingly programmed into humans, into their DNA. In this respect my work begins with the specifics of present day China, but extends beyond these borders to portray the abstract forces that shape human interaction and structure societies.”

Jin Shan was born in Huai An, China and currently lives and works in Shanghai. He is one of the most important emerging artists in China. Working in various media his art reflects both the specifics of daily life in China as well societal relationships in a more abstract sense. Selected solo exhibitions include Shoot (ARCO solo projects, Madrid, 2008), Stephen the Speculator (DDM Warehouse, Shanghai, 2009) and It Came from the Sky (Spencer Museum of Art, Kansas City, 2011). He has participated in group exhibitions with The Van Abbe Museum (Einhoven, 2010), The X Baltic Triennial of International Art (CAC, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2009), Groningen Museum (Netherlands, 2008) and the Venice Biennial (2007) and Singapore Biennial (2006).