Hu Jieming was born in 1957 in Shanghai. He graduated from Shanghai Light Industry College, Fine Arts Department in 1984. He resides and works in Shanghai and is one of the pioneers of digital media and video installation art in today’s China. One of his primary themes is the co-existence of the old and the new in a modern society. In his art he constantly comments upon and questions this concept with a variety of media including photography, video, digital interactive technology, and architectural elements, along with musical aspects.

Hu Jieming has exhibited widely. Recent shows include Reactivation – 9th Shanghai Biennale (Power Station of Art, Shanghai, 2012), N Minutes Video Art Festival (Shanghai, 2011), 100 Years in 1 Minute, Hu Jieming Solo Exhibition (ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai, 2010), Fantastic Illusions Media Art Exhibition of Chinese And Belgian Artists (MoCA Shanghai, 2009), DEAF07, Interact or Die!, V2_ (Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2007), The Thirteen: Chinese Video Art Now (P.S.1, New York, 2006), Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from China (various cities in the USA, UK and Germany, 2006/2005), Zooming into Focus (National Art Museum, Beijing, 2005), In their 40’s (ShanghART Gallery, H-Space, 2005) and The 5th Shanghai Biennale: Techniques of the Visible (Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, 2004).