David Chan Ho Yeung is a curator based in Hong Kong. He was the director of the Shanghai Gallery of Art at Three on the Bund from 2007 to 2009 and subsequently the director of Osage Gallery until 2011. He holds a master degree from the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College, New York, USA. Past exhibition projects presented at Pearl Lam Galleries include: 2012, Ecce Homo Trilogy I– Tsang Kin-wah. 2013 Deja Disparu- Ho Siu-Kee, Ellen Pau, Sara Wong, Vincent Yu. 2014 After Time- Chung Seoyoung, Erica Lai, Morgan Wong. 2015 Asynchronous, Parallel, Tautological, etc…– Ni Haifeng. 2016 Foot and Moon– Suki Seokyeong Kang. The Third Script– Boo Junfeng, Linda C.H.Lai.