The educational goal of Hongik University is to forge the strongest possible link between academia and industry to provide service for the benefit of all humankind. The name “Hongik”, translated into English, literally means “service to mankind”. The University thus prepares students for varied careers and inculcates students with values necessary to serve the society as independent, creative, and cooperative professionals. In pursuing this goal, students are encouraged to foster independent thinking, free from the influence of others, to learn from the knowledge and experience of others by serving Hongik as a community for human interaction and to explore and develop their creativity.

The College of Fine Arts at Hongik University has long been recognized as a leader in the development of Korean art. The college has faithfully promoted traditional Korean art while absorbing diverse artistic traditions of the world. It has produced many talented artists of national and international reputation. The college still actively pursues development of new theories and specialized techniques. The College of Fine Arts is comprised of the departments of Art Science, Ceramics, Industrial Design, Metal Art & Design, Oriental Painting, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Textile Art, Visual Communication Design, and Woodworking & Furniture Design.

Participated Student: Choi Nuri – Title: How to cultivate your sleep
Choi Wonseok – Title: Propellant
Kim Somi – Title: The birth of insomnia
Oh Hanwool – Title: The inside story of delivery service
Soon Hyunho – Title: Rt@