CNEAI= (Centre National Edition Art Image)

CNEAI is a national centre of contemporary art which, for more than 20 years, has invited emerging and established artists who share an interest on social issues to create sensitive experiences in all areas of human activity. Embracing the creation of communities, CNEAI supports the projects of artists who develop new economic and cultural autonomy, within the framework of practices, often collaborative and always decompartmentalised (editorial, graphic, digital, social, writing, music, production, and more). CNEAI brings together an ecosystem of contributors for production, innovation and experimentation in the field of creation and defends a cultural utility that goes beyond the market. It invents new models of creation, transmission and research of artistic forms which disrupt disciplinary categories and involve all audiences in artistic projects from the meeting of artists to the dissemination of works. CNEAI curates diverse programmes in Paris that also expands outside of France. Since April 2021, CNEAI has been located at the Maison Internationale building, which sits in a 34-hectare eco-responsible park within the city-world campus Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, in the heart of Paris.