Collaborated Project:

Disruptive Matter

Collective founded in 2011. Working in Guangzhou.

Bentu Design is a Guangzhou-based experimental design studio that explores concepts of product, space and environment through various design mediums. Bentu do away with superfluous decoration and allow necessity and function to guide their designs. They believe all factors of an object have equal value – materials, manufacturing techniques, form and cultural influences all play an equal part – and through design they transform the discarded and everyday into the spirited and desired.

Bentu’s first range of contemporary lighting, furniture and objects was successfully launched at Salonte Internazionale del Mobile in Milan 2013, and have since gone from strength to strength with their research into re-using construction waste and exploration of form and material expression influencing their most recent collection.

“Towards the world, keep being curious, listening and practicing” – Bentu.

Photo courtesy of BENTU