a.f.art theatre Fangling

a.f.art theatre Fangling, an experimental concept and lab founded in 2014, aims at exploring the integration of theatre and contemporary art. Collaborating with artists and scholars from varieties of fields, it researches and presents how theatre is developed and accumulated in different spaces through performance and exhibition.The founder, Fangling Huang, is now working and living in Shanghai. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree of Drama Performance from People’s Liberation Army Art Academy and a Master’s degree of Directing from Shanghai Theatre Academy. Later she also attended Postgraduate courses in the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in Museum of Art and Public Education, as well as Art Management. As a conceptual artist, theatre director and actress, she has been recently active in the fields of contemporary art and experimental theatre. She uses her long-trained body as the creation material and blends live performance, theatre, sound, image, installation and many others together, intending to break the traditional viewing habits and exhibiting paradigm.
Since 2010 she has participated in the group exhibition Ministry of Truth (Beijing Bores-Li Gallery, 2010), I Can’t be Part of Your Revolution (Shanghai Bank Gallery, 2015) and Knight Nightmare(Shanghai Don Gallery, 2015). In 2014 she directed Harold play Old Times, which was being invited to the Shenzhen Experimental Theatre Festival. In March 2015 she presented her experimental theatre-exhibition project The Maids in the Enclave, which was the first solo exhibition in MoCA Shanghai Pavilion. In October 2015 she started her residency program in Rote Fabrik Zurich, funded by Pro Helvetia.