Zhang Jian-Jun: Human Traces


19.03.2021 – 03.05.2021


chi K11 art museum, Shanghai


22.05.2021 – 15.08.2021


chi K11 art space, Shenyang


Zhang Jian-Jun


Wu Hung

K11 Art Foundation (KAF) is thrilled to collaborate with Royal Academy of Arts to launch Zhang Jian-Jun: Human Traces, a return exhibition that shows the fruition of the Artist-in-Residence Programme, co-presented by KAF and London’s Royal Academy of Arts (RA). It also marks the artist’s inaugural travelling exhibition which is on tour in Shanghai, to Shenyang and lastly to Hong Kong from March to November this year, allowing audiences to encounter important Chinese contemporary artistic practices and affirming its growing international presence in the world.

As a pioneer of Chinese abstract art and figuration, Zhang has been expanding his artistic explorations with his oeuvre consistently combining the three core concepts in art history—the interaction between nature and humans, the traces people leave behind over the course of time, and the relationship between traditional and modern living.

Image courtesy of the artist.

In 2019, Zhang embarked on a two-month residency at RA Schools, the postgraduate school of art within the Royal Academy, as the fourth artist taking part in the three-year Artist-in-Residence Programme. The residency culminated in the creation of a new mixed-media installation—Human Traces—that manifests Zhang’s ongoing artistic enquiry into humankind.

Curated by renowned Chinese scholar Wu Hung, the return exhibition Zhang Jian-Jun: Human Traces reflects the artist’s latest musings on the eternal themes of human beings, nature, and time. The exhibition includes three interconnected and interactive parts, all of which revolve around the three topics and how they evolve throughout the past, present, and future.