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Hong Kong

K11 HACC is a multi-purpose art space which presents contemporary art in different forms in an architectural icon K11 ATELIER King’s Road - the latest addition to the thriving art scene along King’s Road, directly connected to every corner of the city. Opened in January 2020, HACC now serves as a new art venue of 7,802 square feet with 6.5 metres floor-to-ceiling height for artists, designers and organisations to exhibit and promote multimedia and sustainable happenings.


Hong Kong

With a name inspired by the Muses in Greek mythology, K11 MUSEA aspires to enrich your daily life through the power of creativity, culture and innovation. Located in the heart of the Victoria Dockside art and cultural district, this world-class experiential landmark brings in immersive experiences in retail, art, culture, entertainment and gastronomy, all under one roof.  

chi K11 art space

Hong Kong

Established in 2009, the chi K11 art space (Hong Kong), is a multi-purpose venue located in the K11 Art Mall. Floor to ceiling windows allow natural light, and the urbanity to infuse the space, encouraging the audience’s boundless imagination. The mission is to create opportunities for public dialogue, as well as the production of new ideas.

Situated in a thriving commercial district, the space fosters city dwellers engagement with art. The annual programme is derived from a series of collaborations with various art organisations, academic institutions, galleries and art students. A key pillar is to nurture audience development through the extensive programme of exhibitions, workshops, forums, art tours, artist talks and events.

K11 art village


K11 art village is a two-story tall building located in Changqing Garden Community, Wuhan, which was inaugurated in 2011. Encompassing 11 studios dedicated to the Artist-in-Residence programme, a 1000 square-metre art exhibition hall and a 300-square -metre multi-functional space, the innovative platform seeks to nurture emerging art practitioners. A pillar of the K11 Art Foundation (KAF) is the annual programme of the K11 art village, which seeks to nurture young artists and enrich the practices of emerging voices in China, fostering research for artistic creation. An important platform of KAF is the Artist-in-Residence Programme, where participating artists are encouraged to enhance and impact the local environment and communities bordering the K11 art village, with KAF presenting artist workshops, exhibitions and creative happenings. As a whole the thoughtful initiatives offer the greater public a diverse range of programmes to cultivate audience appreciation of art and culture in Gr eater China.

K11 art space


Wuhan chi K11 art space is a new art-related attempt for K11 to set up an art space in order to provide opportunities for the public to appreciate art closely, in the hope of promoting artistic exchange by exhibitions, workshops, salons and so on.  

chi K11 art museum


Established in 2013, the chi K11 art museum (Shanghai) is one of the leading art spaces in Shanghai; with over 3000 square-metre dedicated to exhibitions and cultural events, the centrally located venue is a pioneering space that connects art with the masses. The spectrum of programming held at the chi K11 art museum encompasses; exhibitions, educational schemes, art forums and the Artist Klub. The venue facilitates public engagement with art and culture, whilst providing a popular platform for emerging art talents to an extensive audience.