10.03.2015 – 18.03.2015


THE QUBE, PMQ (35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong)


Adrian Cheng, David Chau, William Zhao and MadeIn Company


Xu Zhen

Adrian Cheng, David Chau and MadeIn Company are pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Xu Zhen in Hong Kong. Organised by William Zhao, the exhibition of new media and paintings from the artist’s TWENTY series, presenting a cornucopia of visual delights, a spectacular exposition of colliding colours that seek to enthrall viewers in an irresistible feast of stimulation. Continuing to explore the concept of “art as commodity”, Xu Zhen exposes the layered issues within contemporary cultural production and consumption.

The concept behind the TWENTY originates from a curious investigation into the notion of love formed when one is 20 years old. Xu Zhen’s methodology is to collect perceptions, colours that signify the love of a 20-year-old. Communicating vitality and love; bright pastels, lemon chiffon, violet and vermillion transform into flowing shadows on the canvas, forming fragile blossoms on the picture surface. The spirit of youth, passion, and energy resonates with the viewers, instigating a sea of memories that likely provokes an uninhibited exclamation “Oh yes, back when I was 20!”