The world never repeats itself/ People always stay the same

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Library, Duddell’s, Level 3, Shanghai Tang Mansion, 1 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong


Cheng Ting Ting, Ivy Ma, Morgan Wong


Yeung Yang

Everything on earth, like a steed galloping through a space, zooms past us in a blink of an eye. Some even say that since it takes time for lights reflected from an object to travel to our pupils, we never actually see anything in the present – it is always the past that we see. Since physical space is not volatile, artists handle questions pertaining to time with a variety of means, counting on their subjective perceptions to create a new dimension of time and space. The topic “The world never repeats itself / People always stay the same” is an excerpt from painter Yank Wong’s book, a compilation of his writings about painting. The moderator of the discussion, Yeung Yang, will be in conversation with artists Cheng Ting Ting, Morgan Wong and Ivy Ma. They will discuss how artists manipulate the concept of time in works of art, sharing their thoughts on sceneries.