Second Nature: A contemporary art exhibition of your own

Second Nature borrows from American philosopher John Mcdowell’s conceptualisation of a “second nature” in human beings. Second nature consists of conceptual capacities built upon instincts. Mcdowell contends that the development of these capabilities is facilitated by one’s society. Second nature involves the enhancement of one’s autonomy, and it requires accumulation of experiences. This feature sets second nature apart from first, primal nature. Artists, as highly autonomous individuals, appeal not only to collective experience but also intuition and nature in order to explore humans and their inner selves, and their relationship with the outside world. The creation of art requires the combination of human imagination and capability of thinking so as to engage in endless creation.

The exhibition is laid out in two exhibition halls. The first hall starts off the exposition by anchoring the content of display on nature and traces of civilisation. The second one exhibits the participating artists’ reflections upon the issues they take on through new media, interactive pieces, and creative modes through which the development of human civilisation can be manifested. Each exhibit is riddled with complexity. The exhibition also raises questions about the root of our nature: regardless of our nationalities and communities, the ultimate issue that all of us ponder upon remains the root of the whole human race. The rumination of our past, our history, and our expectations for the future are all built upon a shared nature. We reflect upon the intriguing relationship amongst humans, nature, and experiences on such common ground.