Rose II | Isa Genzken


From 02.06.2021


Promenade, G/F, Visual Corridor, K11 MUSEA

To provide local communities and the young and inquisitive members of our generation with easy accessibility to art and elevate our collective understanding of culture, KAF has curated the Public Art Series to showcase artworks and installations open for public appreciation.

A celebration of the beauty of art in the heart of the city, Rose II is an 8.5-metre tall monumental long-stemmed rose that seemingly rises from the sea, standing in full bloom amongst the iconic architecture of Hong Kong’s skyline at the picturesque harbourfront promenade.

A crucial female figure in contemporary art, Genzken has continuously experimented with materials, techniques, and forms of display in her outdoor sculptures to explore the links between architecture and urban space over the course of four decades.

Having debuted in New York in 2010, the steel, aluminium and lacquer Rose II is a spectacular public sculpture of which its superhuman size, exaggerated proportions and inorganic materials are in perfect harmony with the striking architecture and soaring skyscrapers of cities. With its larger-than-life scale, the piece turns what is normally a personal act of giving a rose into a gesture for the whole community. As a final touch, the rose’s vibrant red colour conveys a sense of energy, strength, passion and warmth that also resonates with Hong Kong.

Photo courtesy of K11 MUSEA