Prospectif Cinéma: Performing Dramas I


25.05.2017 (8 pm)


Cinéma 1, Centre Pompidou, Place Georges Pompidou, 75004 Paris, France


Yung Ma


K11 Art Foundation, Centre Pompidou


Tao Hui

Centre Pompidou is hosting two screenings – Performing Dramas I and Performing Dramas II – in partnership with the K11 Art Foundation on 25 May and 29 June 2017. The screenings feature seven young contemporary artists: Tao Hui, Li Ran, Hao Jingban, Li Liao, Fang Lu, Ma Qiusha, and Ming Wong.

Performing Dramas is a programme of Centre Pompidou’s year-round Prospectif cinéma (Cinema of the Future), which focuses on films made by young artists from and outside France, allowing the general public to keep abreast of the developments of contemporary art and to examine the issues explored through video making.

Performing Dramas I features three video works by Chinese artists: Hao Jinban’s Off Takes (2016), Li Ran’s From Truck Driver to the Political Commissar of the Mounted Troops (2012), and Tao Hui’s Excessive (2015). Using cinema-like techniques and styles, these works alternate between fiction, documentary, melodrama, comedy and tragedy, providing different perceptions of the world.