Post-Machines: the Imagination of HOLOS


16.04.2016 – 10.07.2016


K11 art village, Wuhan


Lin Xin

The K11 Art Foundation (KAF) is pleased to announce the joint project Post-Machines: The Imagination of HOLOS of two young Chinese artists, Zheng Da and Lin Xin, at Wuhan K11 art village. Through the ‘intelligentized’ or ‘semi-intelligentized’ means of creation, the artists explore the singularities of minds in virtual machines, drawing connections between machines and consciousness. The exhibition had its grand opening on April 16, 2016 3pm at Wuhan K11 art village, and was on for public till July 10, 2016.

Inspired by Hegel’s ideas in The Phenomenology of Spirit, the project is the artists’ response to the order of machine and the intelligentized virtual world, marking their imagination within the controlled and uncontrolled digital system, and the examination on the consciousness of virtual machines. Modernism, with human subjectivity as its theme, has slowly been disintegrated by the development of machines and digital virtual system. The possibility of digitalizing bodies forges a new composite with the machine networks. The artists’ focus lies on the emotion, humanization and evolution of the composite. Their work investigate the phrasal nature of the composite, while surveying the fact that machines form a part of the living system through the intertwinement of their creations.

KAF is proud to provide a springboard for young and emerging contemporary Chinese artists such as Zheng Da and Lin Xin, and continuously support the formation of new artworks, meditations as well as inventiveness on the cultural landscape in China.