Polar Power Exhibition


03.11.2013 – 06.01.2014


K11 Piazza


Fake Studio

Fascinated with the notion of structure, Fake Studio is very much into the visual dialogue brought about by the juxtaposing and reconfiguring of the everyday environment, visual experience, social symbols and physical structures. Polar Power, the highlight piece of this year’s Christmas at K11, is the result of one such ‘restructuring’ effort. A symbol of Christmas and the frozen Arctic, the polar bear is an endangered species as its habitat is melting away due to global warming. Fake Studio creates a thought-provoking image by taking this scenario from nature and wrapping it with the Christmas festivity and joy to communicate an important message: that we all possess the power to change the world. This Christmas, amidst all the holiday revelry, Fake Studio has brought us a chance to ponder a little about the state of our planet and hope that it would bring awareness to all.