Peer to Peer UK/HK: digital residency


11.11.2020 - 17.11.2020


Joey Holder



K11 Art Foundation is pleased to host a Digital Residency for UK multidisciplinary artist Joey Holder as part of the Peer to Peer UK/HK programme to foster cultural exchange and partnerships between the UK and Hong Kong. The residency will take place from 11 to 17 November on KAF’s Instagram page. During the residency, KAF and Holder are engaged in a conversation to discuss the artist’s practice and works, which explores the future of science, medicine, biology and the ‘unknown’ in our universe. Holder’s works reflect the limits of human understanding and perception of the world through combining organic life-forms and man-made systems of reference, challenging our perceptions of evolution, adaptation and change.

The Digital Residency is part of Peer to Peer UK/HK’s programme. Peer to Peer UK/HK is a digital programme and platform encouraging meaningful cultural exchange and forging enduring partnerships between the UK and Hong Kong’s visual arts sector. The Festival is led by Ying Kwok (Festival Director and independent curator, HK) with Lindsay Taylor (University of Salford Art Collection), Open Eye Gallery and Centre of Chinese Contemporary Art. The project has been generously supported by funding from Arts Council England and the GREAT campaign.

Image: Semelparous, Joey Holder, 2020.

Semelparous was curated by Julia Greenway, in partnership with Harlesden High Street. This exhibition was generously supported by the Arts Council England, Zabludowicz Collection and the artist’s work appears courtesy of Seventeen, London.